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Dani Parra Prologue

Physical trainer of RCDE Espanyol de Barcelona

Absolute truths, common topics, certainties, beliefs, data, recipes, biases, magic formulas... When someone has the ability to delve into the vastness of complexity sciences, dynamic systems... it is highly appreciated. It's appreciated because, if we're willing, it helps us shift our focus, realign our process, and immerse ourselves in the thrilling universe of uncertainty. I pursued my studies at the INEF in Barcelona, where many of the ideas expressed in this book originated. As I read it, I was transported back to that time, reconnecting with and thoroughly enjoying everything that has greatly influenced my understanding of the training process. The author successfully captures the essence of Professor Seirul·lo's team sports training approach and invites us to explore the intricacies of complexity sciences. All of this is done through deep reflection, without taking anything for granted, constantly challenging the reader to reassess their ideas. The structured training proposal views the player (the human being) as a hypercomplex structure comprised of various interconnected sub-structures. The book revolves around this proposal, emphasizing the principles of self-organization and gradually guiding the reader into this unique way of comprehending the training process. When engaging in a training exercise or a match, we never truly know how it will unfold. It is the players and their relationships that shape the unpredictable journey through the game. As coaches or trainers, our role is to accompany them on this journey and assist them in optimizing their interactions, ultimately reaching the desired outcome. This book invites us to embark on a similar journey, one filled with uncertainty. In this case, it is us, the readers, who have the opportunity to chart the course of our own journey with the author's guidance. I want to express my gratitude to Krystian for writing this book and allowing me to be part of it. Furthermore, I would like to highlight his unwavering curiosity and tremendous courage in immersing himself in this complex and captivating paradigm. From my humble perspective, I wholeheartedly recommend delving deep into its pages, hoping it sparks new ideas and paths in football coaching. Questions, uncertainty, specificity, individualization, synergies, variability, game, player, human being...


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